One way to take action is to contact those in a government office.

Join us at our monthly meeting

IMPORTANT: No meeting in March, meetings will resume on April 6th.

Every First Thursday of the month

Time: 7:30pm

Location: Santa Rosa Christian Church 1315 Pacific Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Anyone interested is invited to come join us. The parking lot is behind the church. we are in one of the rooms in the back nearest the entrance driveway.

State Legislature - You Need to Act
AB 569- Oppose by Gonzalez-Fletcher Bill would prohibit churches or other ethically motivated organizations and employers from dissuading or in any way disagreeing with an employee's
'reproductive health care decisions' including abortion. (Abortion is not "reproductive" BTW - in fact, it is the exact opposite!) As written, if employees are insured, the bill would appear to require insurance coverage of employees' abortions and abortions for employee's dependents.

SB 309 - Oppose Establishes a specialty license plate, celebrating abortion in California.

SB 320 - Oppose Would require State Universities and Community Colleges to provide chemical abortifacients (such as RU486) to students.

SB 481 Oppose - Allows nursing homes to declare patients unfit to make their own decisions, give them a note to that effect, and then implement 'medical procedures' which apparently may include 'assisted suicide.'

SB 743 Oppose - Ensures government funding of abortion under all medi-cal providers and Planned Parenthood.

SCA 7 - Support - Repeals the failed, multi-billion dollar Embryonic 'Stem Cell and Cures' Act.
Exact status of Bills may be seen HERE
Be sure to notify your group, church and citizen organization. Act now. Send letters of opposition or support to the Committee in which bill is scheduled.